A share in success:

Profit share for
those with the
right contacts
in different sectors.

 Marketing professionals:

Get involved in
services to small

Suppliers needed to
sell product & share profits:

Opportunities for
suppliers of boxes
& child friendly
paints & brushes.

Generate income,
share in profits:

Opportunities for
digital printers
and wordsmiths.

"A different approach, where everybody benefits."

The ethos of our online businesses is shared benefit. Pooling resources and sharing profits means everyone benefits. We provide the concepts and structure you provide product, contacts (paying 5% on referral commission) and expertise and everybody shares in the success.

We've businesses in development including and aside from those mentioned on this site - if you feel you'd like to get involved complete the form below and we'll get back to you.

What we're looking for as regards current projects:
Experts in facebook advertising; social media promotion; small business marketing & PR; design layout & set up and professional accountancy and legal services to the small business; A supplier of cardboard boxes that can create packs for drop shipping direct to the customer; suppliers of child friendly paints and brushes; digital printers and lyrical poets...click through the picture frames to find out more.

Let us tell you more about our projects.

Creative strategic online solutions
to business issues for direct clients
and agencies. 
Creators, designers and developers
of our own online businesses.

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