Agency & design studio clients:
"What's best for you and your client."

You've got in house Art Directors, you've got web designers and coders but do you have the experience and creative nouse to achieve all your clients objectives? Or to produce something different that would differentiate yourself from your competitors in a pitch situation? 

Is it not worth making an investment to acquire a new client or for that matter retain an existing one? 

I will provide concept services incognito, although I can provide design I'm happy to work with your team for them to add the meat to the bones of the concept if preferred. The Interactive Business isn't an agency so we're not treading on your toes, just offering a leg up to deliver a better product.

You'll find a sample project below where we won the pitch for the Dignity Funeral Plans site for The JDA Group by way of example. We'll undertake pitch work as long it doesn't take more than 2 days for £495+VAT, with a further £1,000+VAT payable should the pitch be successful. Worth it I would think to gain a new account. As an agency Art Director I never lost a pitch and I'd like to keep that record up with whoever I work with going forward. I will also work off site on a sub-contract basis for £500+VAT per project, per day.

Andy Shillito,
The Interactive Business Enterprise Ltd.



Pitch won for
The JDA Group

"Providing innovative online solutions...I appreciate the quality, speed & rigour of the work."

Dan James

The JDA Group 


£ 495


  • +£1,000+VAT if pitch successful
  • Strictly confidential
  • Concept client specific

    Use your own developers


£ 500

+VAT per day

  • Online brief/off site working
  • One project per day
  • Strictly confidential

Creative strategic online solutions
to business issues for direct clients
and agencies. 
Creators, designers and developers
of our own online businesses.

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