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"Join us to get involved in new ways to acquire clients and business."

It's time to look at things differently to help each other.
If you work in marketing, PR or design joining the Interactive Business team could generate work and new clients, without losing your independence. We're looking for professionals to get involved on all 3 of our business sites, for those interested, there's more information about me below and a form to complete if you want to get involved in The Interactive Business or click through to Idea Bridge and Cornershop above for more opportunities.

The Interactive Business - we're looking for experienced consultants to possibly help contribute to client assessments, to provide knowledge and experience within specfic fields to verify our stragetic assumptions on strategic concepts and perhaps get involved in promoting our own online businesses. We also pay commission on referral at 5%.

The Idea Bridge - there will hopefully be work at trade rates for PR and specific marketing professionals for our clients, perhaps initially on set up but more importantly to aid business promotion and growth. They will be your clients but it must be at discounted rates. We're also looking for a legal firm or individual practitioner to provide custom T&C's to what will be custom concepts. If you feel you can offer either of these skillsets click through the picture frame to get more information.

Cornershop Marketing - we're looking for marketing professionals with different areas of expertise to provide downloadable DIY guides for micro businesses and offer online consultancy sessions and commoditised services through the platform. We're also looking for Mac operators/illustrators to draw up our logo concepts, web or email layouts. We need to make sure the margins cover our own costs and prices need to be competitive for the target market. If you're interested click through the picture frame for more details.

the interactive business ENTERPRISE

A little more about where we came from...I began my career at Elmwood Design in the mid 1980s and moved on to be an Art Director in local agencies where he never lost a creative pitch, before setting up my own design business 'Design Sense' in 1991 where I became known for successful and cost effective advertising, design & print solutions for the likes of Nuffield Hospitals, Foto Processing & BMI Healthcare. In the late 1990's as an early exponent of the internet, I was one of the first to approach the channel from a marketing perspective. Founding Decifer Solutions Ltd in 2001 and re-branding as The Interactive Business Enterprise Ltd. in 2011. The focus of the business today, especially post COVID-19 is a collaborative ethos to work together with partners and clients for mutual benefit. Building online businesses to provide a source of income for all those involved. Core strengths? An innovative approach reflected in solutions for corporate and small business clients alike and in the development of our own projects designed to benefit all - which is very much our focus at the moment. I already work with local long standing friends and colleagues but I'm looking for more to get involved in projects to help existing businesses and to help develop those starting out to bring a positive future for those directly effected by the economic effects of COVID and the different future that awaits us all. If you're interested fill in the form below and I'll be in touch.
regards, Andy Shillito, MD.



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