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The Lloyds Banking Group

"Jan shows consistency in providing and delivering high quality, well thought through, solutions to our briefs through creative and copy."


"Jan was a joy to work with. Highly experienced, she can come up with a creative solution to any marketing challenge. Jan is always smiling, full of integrity, and always puts the client's needs first.
I'd happily work with her again tomorrow!"


Clients don't come much bigger than Lloyds TSB and over 10 years I was instrumental in orchestrating around 150 communications a year. These covered both acquisition and retention activity across the Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland brands.

Product areas ranged from insurance to bank accounts and from long term investments to mortgages. Among the toughest challenges we tackled successfully were persuading normally reluctant customers to switch current accounts and launching a car insurance product without using any incentives or offers.

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