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"A great person to have on your side. Jan is a true professional who never gives less than 100% in anything that she does.
She combines a wealth of experience in all elements of marketing with a healthy dose of practical common sense and fantastic organisational skills...any project will be delivered on time,
within budget and exceeding everybody's expectations."


Some people say that simply delivering what the client wants is the most important measure of success there can be. This is true, provided that it also drives results. Unfortunately, though, there's usually nothing 'simple' about achieving this.

I believe that the key lies in never being afraid to challenge briefs, in having the best team around you and in ensuring there is unanimous agreement that the strategy's right. Of course you also need a positive attitude, determination and a big smile to keep everything heading in the right direction.

Then, hopefully, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating with results that exceed everyone's expectations and a client that's very happy indeed.


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