Rockware Glass:

Are a UK glass manufacturers
who gain clients by
streamlining their production
processes so the increase in
price and quality is offset by
a saving in production costs.

Rockware Glass:

To find other uses for a rotating perspex sleeve developed as a concept to carry promotions and offers...

Rockware Glass:

Rockware had many clients who needed labels in a number of languages. By using the rotating label it could deliver huge cost savings over printing many different versions. An online cost calculator enables customers to calculate for themselves how much they could save by entering their own parameters.

Rockware Glass:

A customer acquisition tool
delivered via email. Increased
awareness of Rockware's
innovative approach.

Rockware Glass

We were invited to look at their online offering, their spinformation perspex sleeve was presented to us - although their initial thoughts were on using it for promotion or competitons we could see it as a tool for acquisition.

By demonstrating value to each individual customer through savings on multilingual labels not only did it show a saving with just this application but served to demonstrate their USP in their approach to costs savings in return for higher quality.

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