Frank Haslam Milan

Now part of Keepmoat FHM
were contractors that built
housing estates for Housing
Associations and Public

Frank Haslam Milan:

Increase awareness of abilities and benefits to potential customers and improve the product knowledge of councils and contacts to speed up project management (an issue that was causing problems on site).

Frank Haslam Milan

An online competition open to all with monthly multiple choice questions increases product knowledge and promotes benefits. Users flagged to mark progress with the each correct answer building a virtual house, educating as progress is made, with the winner completing the build ahead of the competition. Registration ensures that with each visit, relevant case studies or event promotions are viewed enroute via the monthly quiz to maximise the benefit of frequent site visits.

Frank Haslam Milan
Successful solution:

Created a method to educate customers & speed up site development, an online promotion mechanism, displaying targeted case studies each visit and an acquisition tool, with the competition pulling in participants.

Frank Haslam Milan

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Frank Haslam Milan

We were invited to pitch for the FHM website but we identified core issues within their business to tackle both promotion and business issues through the same interface.

An online competition driven by email enabled them to promote relevant projects and also fill the knowledge cap which was slowing down projects between supplier and client.

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