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manufacturer supplying
schools and universities
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accessories and bespoke


To maximise product sales; acquire new customers, retain existing customers and promote new products.


We conceived an online virtual classroom. The customer simply enter room dimensions where scaled furniture and products can
be dragged and dropped into place. An algorythm collates common purchases related to those selected to aid cross selling and maximise sales conversion. Promoted by email it can also act act as an acquisition tool, attracting customers through it's convenience and ease of use.

Solution provides:

A method to increase sales
through cross selling related
products; a great way to
promote new products across
ranges and a customer
acquisition tool as is it makes
ordering easier.


Research showed that customers were under estimating how much product they needed and resorted to drawing up classroom spaces on graph paper to judge the space they needed to fill.

By creating a virtual classroom the customer just entered the classroom dimensions and the system would give them scaled products to allocate into the space 'fuzzy felt' style not only unsuring they purchased the full amount of products but also increase the range of products they ordered by encoding an algorythm that tracked and added related products to the options available, to enable them to cross sell across product ranges as well as increase volumes of individual items sold.

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